My new horror novel, BODYFREEZE, will shortly be available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. It’s a standalone sci-fi horror novel set in the near future, where cryonics has taken off in a secular UK.

Cryonics is the practice of freezing the human body after death in the hope of resurrecting it in the future.

A couple of early reviews to follow shortly.

Here’s the blurb:

How cold is cold? How deep is despair? At what temperature does your heart finally… shatter?

Minus. Two. Hundred. Degrees.

Cryonics. The practice of freezing the human body in the hope of bringing it back to life.

It’s a voluntary procedure.


Now the Brits want their slice of immortality even while their country slowly croaks.

Stefan Anderson thought selling immortality would be a scream.

He was right.

Only the scream was canned, bubbling up from a tank of liquid nitrogen. 

Frothing with revenge.

Even trapped upside down in a steel can, there are ways…

Of taking back what’s yours… 

If you can’t have your life back… if your life was cut short…

You can damned well make sure those responsible suffer too.

The UK’s biggest cryonics company is about to find that out.

The cold, hard way.

And Stefan Anderson is first in line…

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My fourth book, CATZ OF THE UNDEAD, is in post-editing. This one weighs in at around 88,000 words. More about CATZ OF THE UNDEAD later, but I’m probably looking at a Summer 2024 release.

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