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This page on my website will act as a report of my writing progress, and at what stage my various horror books are in production. The plan is to try to keep it updated at least once a month.

Writing is still a part-time pastime for me currently. I still need the day job (civil engineer – highways) to put bread on my table and scatter rat food on the floor.

My current writing strategy is to work on 3 horror books at once. This might not be a smart strategy, but it’s the one I’m adopting as current practice. 

The first book worked on is at the 1st draft stage; the second, at the 2nd or more draft (pre-editing); the third, completed and being reworked after a development editor has read it (post-editing).

I don’t currently use beta readers, but if anyone reading this who has subscribed to my mailing list would like to beta read for me, please drop me a line.

So, here’s the current state of play: (12th May 2024):

1st draft novel – The Rats of the Isle – this is another rat horror book, but not related otherwise to Ratstrike (for which I’d still like to write a sequel). It’s also a novella. (update 14th April 2024: I think this will be a novel.) Currently, the first draft stands at around 27,000 words. (update 12th May 2024: 36,000 words) It’s written in first person. Renamed Queen of the Rats.

2nd draft+ novel (pre-editing) – Dolls at your Throat (working title only) (update 14th April 2024: new title The Old Doll Factory). Another novella, this time about a creepy doll factory. It’s quite a long one at about 38,000 words. I’m currently working through the second draft. (update 12th May 2024: about to begin 3rd draft.)

Post-edited novel – Catz of the Undead. This is a full novel, around 88,000 words. I’m working through my editor’s revisions. It’s witchy, but with zombie cats! Hopefully out this summer. Stay tuned.

For all of the above I will write an accompanying standalone short story, which I will give away to mailing list subscribers for free as a bona fide ebook with cover. None of these have been written as yet.

So, with Bodyfreeze just out now, and Catz of the Undead to follow shortly, there’s plenty to look forward to if you like my stories and writing voice. Thanks for reading, and if you’re a subscriber, thanks for subscribing.

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