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These are the three horror books I’ve written so far, presented in the order I’ve written them.

Raven Hill differs in that it’s an occult horror novella set in the present day, while the other two I would classify as sci-fi horror.

I’m hoping that Ratstrike and Raven Hill become the first in their own series. I would strongly suspect Bodyfreeze will remain a standalone novel.

RatstrikeRaven HillBodyfreeze
ratstrikeraven hillbodyfreeze
A plague of fast-evolving mutant rats have overrun England in the 2030s. Human survivors live a feudal, hand-to-mouth existence. Can Ethan Vine win back his country from the vermin? Read more…A witch with the blackest of hearts lives on Raven Hill. A witch seeking revenge over the villagers who live below. Can Nate enlist the help of a travelling coven to save the village from destruction? The path to the top of Raven Hill is fraught with danger.In the near future, cryonics has become big business in the UK. Now the Brits want their slice of ice. But when a suspension goes hideously wrong, events take a bitter downturn for the cryonics team.

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