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My occult horror novella, RAVEN HILL, is available from Amazon. It’s a kind of eco-horror story with a strong occult witchcraft theme. Hopefully, it will be the first of a series.

A few early reviews:

Jools King’s “Raven Hill” is a spine-tingling journey into the realm of mystery and suspense. With its eerie atmosphere and thrilling plot twists, readers are immediately captivated from the very first page.

The story takes place in the seemingly ordinary town of Raven Hill, where a sense of unease and mystery lurks beneath the surface. King expertly crafts the setting, immersing readers in a world that is both familiar and unsettling. The brisk pace makes this book an ideal choice for those seeking a quick and enjoyable read that keeps them hooked from start to finish.

What sets “Raven Hill” apart is its ability to balance simplicity with complexity. The characters are well-developed, each with their own secrets and motivations that add layers to the unfolding mystery. As the plot thickens, readers will find themselves eagerly turning the pages, driven by a desire to uncover the dark secrets that Raven Hill harbors.


I enjoyed this horror novella. A story of a witch creating destruction and chaos to a village of people and surrounding environment. This story does have an eerie atmosphere and a sense of dread with what the main character is dealing with and the nasty changes to his surroundings. I liked the characters, they were engaging and relatable.


I liked that the author chose to make this a novella, rather than a full-length novel. It was an easy read, apart from what I feel was a little too much blaspheming, and I like the way it ended. The descriptions that the author used in the story were great, and the character development was good. I hope the writer focuses on this series next year, rather than doing other works. I was happy to see Nate’s progression throughout the story, and I hope he gets a harem going. I also would like to note that I like the book cover, and it makes sense after reading this yarn.

Here’s the blurb:

A new horror overlooks the village. A horror more than three hundred years old. A witch with a chokehold on the village that rests in the shadow of Raven Hill. 

A witch gone rogue, an evil crone with a vengeance that must be satisfied at all costs.

Fish are dying. Crops are withering. The birds no longer sing. Everywhere, flocks of malevolent ravens darken the skies. The air is poisoned.

Nate fears the life is slowly being choked from the village. But he has no idea why.  

For the villagers, time is fast running out.

Who is the mysterious but enchanting Abbie who has set up camp close by? Is her travelling folk band here merely to entertain the locals? 

Or is their purpose far more ominous?

You can order Raven Hill from Amazon by clicking here.

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