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Once rats invaded our sewers. Our homes. Now they mean business…

Ethan Vine wants his country back. His freedom. For that, he’s ready to give his life.

So what’s stopping him?

England drowns under a plague of large killer rats. The towns and cities are death zones. Scattered pockets of human survivors battle against an increasingly vicious vermin.

In the villages, the valiant fight on preserving a fragile hope. Life is short and hard; death swift and bloody.

And now it’s about to get worse.

A mysterious new breed of rat has emerged. A demon mutant. For Ethan and the others, the only hope is to take a stand against the vermin before it becomes unstoppable. To succeed, they need to take back a major town. And fast!

But can they trust the mysterious stranger who claims to have the means to do just that? Or is he just a government rat with his own evil plan?


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