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Unsealed the new boxed set of the complete seasons of The Walking Dead that I picked up at a car boot sale a while back for a fiver a while back.

I usually check out IMDB ratings before I watch anything, and TWD gets a remarkable 8.1, with a couple of top-rated episodes winning a staggering 9.6. The series ran from 2010 – 2022, and from reading a few reviews it seemed the biggest bugbear was that the series went on for too long (aka the producers trying to squeeze as much blood as they can out of a putrefying zombie).

So what did I think of it? Well, I only watched the first ever episode last night, but I was very impressed. The zombies look realistic, and not like people dressed for a Halloween party after three glasses of pumpkin punch. I love the way when these zombies fall against a wall their skulls crack open and spurt blood. Ugh, nasty!

But these zombies are ferocious too, deceivingly so! They usually shuffle along in a big group, but they can move fast when they attack. And they can rip the flesh from humans like it was soggy pasta.

Action and gory effects aside, the script is well-written and there’s a nice diverse setup of human characters. We shall see how these guys get on trapped in their colony against the marauding zombie hordes. I may feature more sporadic reviews as I work my way through a whopping 11 seasons. I might also check out a few choice zombies books.

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